Viz Libero 6.0.1

Viz Libero 6.0.1 is a maintenance release of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software. Vizrt strongly recommend upgrading to the Viz Libero 6.0.1 version as soon as possible.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

Improvements and Bugfixes

The following bugs have been fixed compared to previous versions of Viz Libero:


  • Fixes wrong additional parameters when creating a new project (concerns UFC, AFL and other sports).
  • Improved documentation in the following sections: Virtual SloMo, Annotation requirements and Editor Shortcuts.
  • Fixes file export of clips containing speed blocks but no SloMo Data.
  • Improves auto-save functionality.
  • AFL goal posts are now correctly rendered.
  • License was potentially not found when SD card is plugged in.


Hardware related

  • Certified Firmware for Bluefish Epoch Horizon is now 537 (fixes Blackburst genlock issues).

Clip selection

  • Solves issue when adding clips before unlocking them could result in wrong offsets.
  • Fixes problem that adding a clip could fail because the EVS did not execute any more “Goto timecode” commands.
  • Improve user feedback when adding a clip fails.


  • On-screen annotations now also have a highlight when selected in the timeline.
  • Default thickness for 3D arrows can now be set in the Telestrator Configuration.
  • Solves problem when 3D Ball track looked wrong when ending in a SloMo.
  • Fixes issue with 3D Ball Trace and Player Trace when there is a pause before the annotation.
  • Fixes issue that player label was not applied correctly and couldn’t be selected from the properties.
  • Improves quality at border regions of player label.
  • Improved player label font rendering.
  • Fixes Problem that magnifier could potentially not be shown when the settings were incorrect.
  • Fixes possible instability when creating virtual run with a track of length one.
  • Multiple virtual runs are allowed per pause.
  • Some tools were disabled in 2D, even if calibration could be detected. For sports that don’t support calibration detection, tools which require a calibration are disabled.
  • When editing a track using the picking tool, the track can now also snap to players.
  • Fixes issue when trying to import playlist and only one or two playlist exist yet.
  • Strike zoneImproved highlight display of target spots, fixes issue when using the shuttle and then setting target spot timings.
  • Player could stay hidden even after deleting the player hide annotation.
  • Fixes a rare crash that could happen during automatic player tracking.
  • Fixes issue that start and end frame of a tracked annotation could change after modifying a pause, reloading a playlist or switching to the Export Module.

On-Air Mode

  • Virtual Run could not be used in On-Air mode.
  • Tracked player distance, Time measurement, Player Trace and 3D Ball Trace can also be used in On-Air mode.
  • 3D Ball Trace and Strobe run were added to the playlist when using them in On-Air mode.

Player names

  • Fixes issue that a new player name couldn’t be properly assigned to an existing track.
  • Fixes possible wrong player assignment after deleting players.
  • Player name editor: Improve importing players with duplicate player numbers.