Viz Arena 4.3.0

Viz Arena 4.3.0 is the latest release of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software. We strongly recommend upgrading to this version as soon as possible.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

  • For full release details and installation notes, see the Viz Arena 4.3.0 Release Notes .
  • For details on the features in Viz Arena 4.3, see Viz Arena 4.3 What's New and the Viz Libero User's Guide and Administrator's Guide.
  • To access the installation files, please contact your Vizrt Sports sales representative.

Improvements and New Features

The following features have been added or  improved in Viz Arena 4.3.0:


  • Added Canadian Football, Handball and Volleyball

Disc recorder

  • Added background disc recording functionality of incoming SDI video stream.
  • Added functionality to insert replays into incoming SDI video stream without affecting output video signal while preparing replay.
  • Added automatic graphic removal functionality when previewing replay video input.
  • Added triggering of Viz Engine wipe effect when switching from live to replay mode (and back).

Advertisement support

  • Added functionality to set up position and scale of permanent ads in Setup pane

New annotations/effects

  • Added magnifier effect, freehand curve effect and freehand arrow effect

Camera tracking

  • Improved reliability of calibration detection on wide-angle camera views

Arena Control application improvements

  • Added support for multiple cameras on same SDI video input stream. Keyboard numbers now trigger switching to different camera setups.
  • Added black and white keying preview option
  • Improved general CPU and memory application consumption
  • Improved error feedback

Viz Engine integration

  • Option to toggle Viz Engine VGA rendering preview.
  • Added Graphics Hub scene selection browser to select effect containers (requires GraphicsHub REST API).

Viz Arena Administrator

  • Added Viz Arena Administrator application for setting up and testing Viz Arena related system functionality.

Fixed issues from previous versions

  • Improved reliability of automatic cut detection
  • Viz Engine host addresses could be wrongly set
  • Video could stop when editing bookmarks or player names
  • Color model update could be wrong when pressing the Ctrl key
  • Court circles for FIBA Basketball were not correctly drawn
  • Application could unexpectedly terminate when closing Viz Engine settings dialog

Viz Engine Compatibility

  • Viz Arena 4.3.0 has been tested and is compatible to Viz Engine 3.7.1 (official release). Integration with Viz Engine needs to be set up and configured according to the Administrator Guide.
  • In order to use the Scene Browser feature, a Graphics Hub REST service needs to be installed on the corresponding Graphics Hub.
  • Default Viz Engine configuration files are provided with the Viz Arena installation files.