Viz One 5.8

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Viz One 5.8, delivering improvements to Search, Metadata handling and the Studio video player.

Major New Features and Changes

  • Multi-level Asset Search
  • Metadata Enhancements with Support for URLs, User Access Control and Improved Thesauri
  • Upgraded Studio Media Player

Multi-level Asset Search

The new multilevel search is a significant milestone for Viz One. It enables searches across an entire media repository - where search criteria can be set on any type of asset and combined into a single query.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Especially useful when searching for hierarchical metadata across series, programs, items, and log entries

Within a single query, users can pick and choose properties from assets on different levels - delivering far more relevant search results.

Example from a Newsroom Workflow Locate any interview about public transport (log metadata), that was shot in HD (item metadata), produced for a news program called Prime Politics (program metadata), that the broadcaster has rights for (item metadata), shot last year in June (item metadata).

Example from a Sports Workflow Find a great shot (Star rating in log metadata) of Tiger Woods (Player in log metadata) on Augusta (Course in program metadata) where he does a putt (Club in log metadata) and results in a birdie (Score in log metadata) in a clean version (item metadata).

Metadata Enhancements with Support for URLs, User Access Control and Improved Thesauri

We have introduced a powerful new thesaurus component that is heavily inspired by the SKOS standard. We have also added a new URL type of text field in our metadata forms. In addition there is now control, down to field level, of what users can use or modify in a form.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Improved cataloging and search
  • Full control over which fields users can access or change
  • URL as convenient clickable link in a form.

Thesauri are versatile metadata tools, that allow structuring of simple data to better aid cataloging and search. When specifying data in Viz One, new concepts such as query widening and narrowing, are a significant improvement compared to traditional drop-down selectors. Being fully locatable with Viz One's search feature, thesaurus data provides a better user experience when dealing with large sets of data. Users enrich their assets with thesaurus data using standard metadata forms. The forms contain smart fields that display a thesaurus as a pop-up menu. These smart forms are available across all Viz One products and components, including Logger and Precut/Easycut.

Control Who sees or can modify a metadata form field is now fully controllable. For example, an administrator can configure the field “TX Ready” as only modifiable by a limited set of users, but all users see it.

URL fields The user can add URLs, to their asset's metadata, enabling linking to related information, for example a rights management system.

Improved Studio Media Player

Several design and functional enhancements are added to Studio's inbuilt player, including support for WebVTT subtitling, advanced navigation, floating the player alongside complex input operations and accessibility aligned with WCAG 2.0.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Display and Searching for WebVTT Subtitles
  • Floating Player Always Visible
  • Ease of Access to More Users

WebVTT Subtitles Support of WebVTT subtitles (closed caption) offers playback and search within the subtitle text; Users can find all corresponding locations in their video and easily navigate between them.

Floating Player The Studio player can optionally float, with the video remaining fully available as the user explores the entire asset such as relations, permissions and metadata.

Ease of Access The player is now compliant with WCAG 2.0 level AA, a set of guidelines for making content accessible, primarily to people with disabilities.

Other New Features

Tape Archive Vaulting Indicator Status and location of tape media that has been moved to a vault can be displayed in Studio. This aids retrieval and physical management of the tapes. This feature is activated using a new tape API, which can also provide storing information of legacy video tapes.

Two-way ENPS with Redundancy A two-way interface enables automated, rule-based asset publication to ENPS, as MOS objects. Housekeeping deletes unused, old MOS Objects and we now support primary and secondary ENPS setups.

Playing Log Entries With a single click a user can load any logs on the asset into the player. This gives an efficient shot selection workflow, where users can add logs to their clip list and then continue editing or logging.

Multiple drag-and-drop from Studio  Multiple search results can be selected in a single drag and drop operation to another application, for example Adobe Premiere Pro.

XIF Subtitle Format is now supported.

SLES 11 SP3 is now supported.

Installation Notes

  • For further technical details of this release, please refer to  the Viz One 5.8 Release Notes .

  • Viz One is installed by trained Vizrt staff. For a quote, please contact Vizrt Sales.


Extensive documentation is delivered with Viz One, covering:

  • Viz One APIs usage and examples
  • A Viz One Administrator’s Guide
  • A User’s Guide for Studio.

About Viz One

Viz One manages all your content in a central repository. Staff can produce video files for broadcast, mobile, and web in one seamless workflow - with access from their standard PC or Mac desktops. For more information see the Viz One product page.