Viz World 15.0.1

Viz World 15.0.1 is now released. This version is a maintenance release, containing bug fixes.

Fixed Issues (Client)

  • U.S. States (Borders) disappear on the Globe when zooming in too close or tilt too much

  • 3DRegion not created when mixing region from database and from shape files/street data

  • 3DRegion not created with search results in Place finder plugin

  • 32-bit installer looking for the 64-bit VC++ Redist

  • 32-bit installer on Windows 7 32-bit setting the wrong path in the registry

  • Installer failed to register OCX when UAC setting was not set to lowest


Fixed Issues ( Server)

  • South Ossetia and Apkhazeti were wrongly moved to Russia as a disputed region option

  • Part of a region in Ukraine was drawn twice, which result in a strange color effect


Installation Files, Notes and Documentation