Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.8.0

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.8.0. We strongly recommend to upgrade to the Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.8.0 versions as soon as possible.


Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.8.0 brings performance enhancements, support for new devices and is recommended for all new customers and as an upgrade for existing customers. Some of the highlights are:

  • Matrox X.mio3 support enhancing 4K/UHD support and higher performance video support.

  • Improved shadow support: Cascaded shadow mapping brings better quality and higher performance for scenes with shadows.

  • Allegorithmic Substance Shader plugins for high-quality textures.

  • Improved support for interfacing, importing from and working with 3rd-partys programs such as Adobe After Effect and Maxon Cinema4D.

  • Major improvements to streaming services .

  • Softclip with 64-bit support.

  • Improved Viz Libero integration.

  • Many performance enhancements, changes to parts of the Viz Artist UI making the product easier to use and bugfixes.

  • For the full list see the Viz Artist/Engine 3.8.0 Release Notes .

New Features

  • The new X.mio3 is implemented using the same code base and providing the same features as X.mio2 Plus.

  • 4k/UHD live input available with the new X.mio3.

  • Zero Frame Delay Mixer is now also available on X.mio2 Plus.

  • New setting for Genlock, Auto, is available.  In this mode the detected genlock together with default values of H- and V-phase are set. If those values need to be changed any of the other settings, Genlock, Tri-Level, etc., need to be used. No H/V-phase detection is available on settings other than Auto.

  • New softshadow rendering approach with better quality and performance.

  • Scene Editor now supports WYSIWYG Text-editing.

  • Server View: Possibility to switch to a Bookmark View, which shows only the projects/folders which are marked as Bookmarks for a better overview in large Graphic Hubs.

  • Search and Config/User Interface: The search result maximum in regular and freetext search can be configured now.

  • Search: Paged viewing of search result is now possible.

  • Control Channel Editor: Complete Redesign including a floatable variant for the Stage. Nearly all parameters can be assigned as Control Channels.

  • Control Channel Editor: Tree Editor selection is synchronized with Control Channel Editor.

  • Scene Lights now support Shadow mapping.

  • Media Asset Parameter Editor: Added controls for DVE Center values x and y.

  • Text Editor: New Button for Path rendering.

  • Scene Settings/Global: Added possibility to switch between Stencil and Shadow Mapping.

  • Scene Setup/Media Asset: Added new Chroma Keyer setting for Brightness.

  • Scene Setup/Media Asset: Added a container drag drop target frame to forward transformations to Texture media assets.

  • Config/User Interface and Script Editor: Added a new setting "Script Middle Mouse Copy" which allows (or not) middle mouse copy functionality in the script editor.

  • Scene Settings/Global: Renamed "Key" to "Render Sequence" and added buttons for "Libero", "Arena" and "Arena/Libero".

  • Text Editor/Special: New Setting for "Scaling" inside the Text Box functionality.

  • Config/Communication: Added GFX Port.

  • Server View/File Properties/Keywords: Added drag and drop target for Keywords.

  • Text Editor: Font size can be set via a context menu.

  • Config/Lists in Freetext and Server Search: Added a setting in the Database section to switch from modification date to creation date in order to be able to sort by creation date in the searches of Viz Artist.

  • The Matrox clip out channel can now handle 2160p UHDTV resolutions in an .avi container with IFrame_422 and IFrame_4224 codec in high profile - up to 1200MBit/s. In order for this to work a very fast machine, fast harddisk and lots of memory is required.

  • Added a new plugin api function to query the current Viz Engine instance number.

  • Added Viz Scripting functions for ringbuffer size queries.

  • Vertical text direction can now be used with complex script.

  • Added new text orientation options, justified and scale justified.

  • GFX channels can now be nested (if same channel is not reused).

  • After Effects Importer: Full support for nested compositions, sub-compositions are now imported as scenes instead of rendered clips and Control text / control image plugins are automatically assigned for imported text and image layers.

  • After Effects Importer: Support for importing paragraph text layers, if After Effects >= 2014.2 is used.

  • Media asset transformation forwarding to control virtual video walls with viz

  • Multiplay.Stringmap sizes can now be retrieved via scripting.

  • Current grid can be set via scripting.

  • VBOs are now optimized (deduplication, cache) and indexed. Performance is equal or better compared to DisplayLists. Geometry loading is faster and consumes less VRAM.

  • Implemented possibility to run n engines on m GPUs with m < n.

  • Improved Shadow Mapping was implemented to fix many problems with the old Stencil Shadow approach.

  • Shadow Mapping can draw the shadow's key. The shadows intensity value (light settings) determines the opacity.

  • Lens Deformation now also effect telestration plugins (Graffiti, GraffiTex).

  • Deformation functions (DeformScreenPos/UndeformScreenPos) are now available for scripting and plugin API.

  • Scene and System Shared Memory can now be accessed via UDP/TCP.

  • Control channel values can now be synced with shared memory key-value.

  • Several new commands/functions to handle control and animation channel hierarchies (move, copy, etc.) which are required for the new Viz Libero integration.

Bug Fixes

  • Post Rendering: Stop Record button is available now when overwriting an existing file.

  • Plugin Editor: Various undo/redo operations work now correctly.

  • Stage: Various undo/redo operations work now correctly.

  • Media Asset Manager and Scene Settings/Global: Preventing the possibility to drag BACKGROUND and FOREGROUND media asset to Background and Foreground of Scene settings.

  • Scene Editor: when front or back layer are loaded for editing, drag drop operations into the scene editor work now.

  • Fixed Post horizontal artifacts with Matrox Utils 9.4 when rendering separate fill and key clips with a XDCAM_HD_422 codec in a MATROX_MXF container in the clip out channel.

  • Fixed text not rendered consistently.

  • Shadow mapping fixes several stencil shadow problems with multiple geometries.

  • Bug when importing WRL files fixed.

  • Bug when importing After Effects files fixed.

  • Bug when using Image Mask in VGA version fixed.

  • Fixed XY rotation of environment maps in RTT Shaders.

  • VizCommunication map triggered twice in combination with updates from mouse callbacks.

  • ScreenPosToLocalPlane transformation are working with GFX channels as well now.

  • Videowall mode now supports GpuDirect for video inputs.

  • Fixed several post rendering issues in VGA version with onscreen rendering.

  • Fixed weather and Trio preview issues with onscreen/offscreen rendering.

64 bit related Notes

  • Apple QuickTime support is limited. Since there is no 64 bit SDK from Apple QuickTime, container playback and recording is not supported.

  • Given that a supported Matrox device is installed, the following codecs are supported for post-rendering with MatroxFileWriter and the ClipOut channels:

    • RLE (animation), playback only

    • H.264

    • Apple ProRes

    • HDV

    • XDCam

    • DVCPro

    • DNxHD (4849)

  • Use MCS3U (USB cased) instead of an MCS3 device when using the 64bit version of Viz Engine.

Important Notes

  • X.mio1 is no longer supported by Matrox DSX.utils 9.5.0+

  • IP Streaming Input Service: The syntax of the "FILTER PLAY" command has changed. The new command syntax is described in the "Software Configuration" chapter of the "Viz Engine Administrator's Guide".  The old syntax is deprecated and should not be used any more.

  • TC*NEXT_TC command is deprecated in favor of timed commands TC*TC_COMMAND and will be removed in the next major release.

Device Drivers

See the Viz Artist/Engine 3.8.0 Release Notes for the required versions of device drivers for NVidia, Matrox, Bluefish, DVS and Aja devices. Only use the Vizrt recommended version of drivers, these can be downloaded from Drivers/

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

For full details, installation notes and known issues, see the Viz Artist/Engine 3.8.0 Release Notes .

Download the installers from  the ftp under /products/VizEngine3x/Latest Individual Installers folder.

For documentation, visit our Documentation Center or go directly to the Viz Artist 3.8 Documentation.