Viz Libero 6.1.0

Viz Libero 6.1.0 is a minor release of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software. We strongly recommend upgrading to the Viz Libero 6.1.0 version as soon as possible.

Please refer to the What's New in Viz Libero 6.1 document and the Viz Libero User and Administrator Guide for additional information on the new features added with Viz Libero 6.1.


New Features

Live Viz Engine Integration

Viz Libero 6.1 introduces a new integrated workflow with Viz Engine, Vizrt’s real-time 3D compositing engine.  The integration allows designers to create customized Viz Libero effects using the full power and creative flexibility of Viz Artist, Vizrt’s modeling and animation tool.

See more information in What's New in Viz Libero 6.1

Evertz DreamCatcher Integration

Viz Libero 6.1 introduces support for Evertz DreamCatcher. The Viz Libero operator can now directly control the DreamCatcher output feeding the Viz Libero system. The DreamCatcher controller can also be used in parallel to Viz Libero for video control.

See more information in What's New in Viz Libero 6.1


Bug Fixes

  • Improved overlays and adjusted on screen information.

  • MLB Calibration: Outfield points labeled wrong.

  • Strike Zone: Cannot set timings for multiple items.

  • Improved player and virtual run rendering performance.

  • Fixes issue where players could be slightly stretched when using global player optimization.

  • Fixes possible instability when using multiple zone focus annotations.

  • Volleyball: adjust default court size.

  • Allow user to set near and far clipping planes.

  • Huge Zig-Zag Arrow Extension Circle when going to a 2D frame.

  • Stop frame markers could get lost.

  • Connected points drawing: Snapping to position objects can be jittering.

  • Player Info Editor was using a low resolution icon.

  • Improved readability of text in cutout dialog.

  • Some 2D Arrows were not working properly.

  • Fixes Crash when using Old Playlist widget.


Known Limitations

Live Viz Engine Integration

  • Magnifier might have wrong aspect ratio in SD formats.

  • The texture on dotted arrows does not render correctly unless the user adapts it using the Property Editor.

  • Very long freehand lines might lead to dropped frames.

  • Restarting Viz Engine keeps hanging unless Viz Libero is restarted, too.

  • Exporting videos to a slow target device (i.e. USB stick) might lead to duplicate frames.


Project Compatibility

With Viz Libero 6.1.0 it is possible to open and play back projects that were created using Libero Highlight 5.0 and later. However, editing old projects might lead to instabilities in rare cases. Editing compatibility is only guaranteed backwards to Viz Libero 5.5.x.

Projects that are created using Viz Libero 6.1.0 and later cannot be opened using Libero Highlight (any version) and Viz Libero 5.x or earlier.

When creating playlists with Live Viz Engine Integration, the scene may be switched to get a different design. Playlists created with Live Engine Integration cannot be correctly displayed without Live Viz Engine Integration though.


Installation Files, Notes and Documentation