Viz Libero 6.1.1

Viz Libero 6.1.1 is a maintenance release of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation


Improvements and Bugfixes

The following improvements and bugfixes have been added:

  • Simplified Live Engine Integration Usage: When opening a project in Viz Libero, the Viz Engine is automatically started in the background, with the correct configuration.
  • Improved Viz Libero Administrator: The status indicator shows the installed software and driver versions, and the detailed dialog also shows the required versions. From Viz Libero Administrator it is possible to configure the Graphic Hub connection and start Viz Artist and Viz Config with the Live Engine Integration configurations deployed with Viz Libero.
  • Live Engine Integration Simple scene: There have been several changes in the Live Engine Integration Simple scene deployed with Viz Libero.
  • Bugfixes: For a full list of bugfixes, see the Viz Libero 6.1.1 Release Notes .


Installation Notes

If you already have Viz Libero 6.1.0 installed, you only need the following files:

  • Viz Libero 6.1.1 installation file (VizLibero-
  • Default graphic template scene (VizLibero_LiveEngineIntegration_Template_Simple_200150928.via)

To access the installation files, please contact your Vizrt Sports sales representative. You will be provided with credentials to access the download area.

For full details on the required files, installation procedure, driver requirements, and project compatibility, see the Viz Libero 6.1.1 Release Notes .