Viz Libero 6.2.0

Viz Libero 6.2.0 is a minor release of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software. We strongly recommend upgrading to this version as soon as possible.

New Features

  • Data integration with Opta: Viz Libero 6.2 integrates the data feeds of Opta directly into its workflows and extends it with new features.
  • Data integration with NFL Next Generation Stats (NGS): A full integration with NFL’s Next Generation Stats has been added as a plug-in, allowing the NFL NGS data feeds to provide the team and player tracking information directly into Viz Libero.
  • Live Viz Engine Integration: Viz Libero 6.1 introduced an integrated workflow with Viz Engine , which allows designers to create customized Viz Libero effects using Viz Artist . With Viz Libero 6.2, the Live Viz Engine Integration has been extended with the possibility to define multiple designs per tool within the same style. In addition, an automated mechanism allows team and player dependent graphics to be defined.
  • Customizable On-Air mode: The On-Air mode added with Viz Libero 6.0 is now configurable to be used as simple Telestrator. The user can define the available tools and video controls and the visibility of the camera sources.
  • File input and output - .h264 in mov and mp4 support: For our non-broadcast customers in coaching and other areas, Viz Libero now offers support for .mp4 or .mov files containing .h264 content. Such files can be rendered as output, too.
  • Improved cutout dialog and Strobe Frame selection: The Cutout dialog for player separation has been overhauled and offers a significantly better user experience, especially for Virtual Run effects.
  • Unified installer and adapted file system structure: A new unified installer package lets the user install the entire Viz Libero package, including Live Viz Engine Integration, very easily. The default installation paths have been adapted to conform to Microsoft Windows standards.


Other improvements

  • Design switching property: When using Live Viz Engine Integration, easily switch between annotations using the new Design Property.
  • Dreamcatcher 1.4.1 certification: Viz Libero 6.2 is certified to work with Evertz' Dreamcatcher 1.4.1.
  • Leagues and Team Editor: New properties Player ID and Resource String can be used to create Team and Player Dependent graphics.


Installation Files, Notes and Documentation