Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.8.2

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist and Engine 3.8.2.

This is a maintenance release including bug fixes and new features. It is recommended for new installations and as an update for existing installations.


  • Default Rendering is now VBO, not Display Lists. This is faster, but requires more RAM.

  • VBO Rendering is not supported on old Quadro FX cards. Systems running old Quadro FX need to switch back to Display List rendering

  • HD Halfheight is now turned off by default. If performance issues with 1080i resolutions arises, try switching it back on again.

  • Viz Engine and Artist no longer requires Administrator user rights to run

  • GFX Channels can now be defined as SDI output and support custom resolutions

  • Increased light support for Substance Shader plug-in to 8

  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several preview and snapshot issues

  • Several improvements to GFX Channel rendering

  • The number of child processes like SoftClip can now be defined

  • Improved performance on Viz Multiplay systems

  • And many, many more...

For a full overview of new features and fixed issues, as well as information about the recommended and required drivers, please refer to the Viz Artist and Engine 3.8.2 Release Notes .

Installation Files and Documentation

Download installation files from the Vizrt FTP in the /products/VizEngine/Latest Version folder.

All necessary drivers are available on the FTP Server.

For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.