Media Sequencer 3.1.1

Media Sequencer 3.1.1 is released. It is recommended as an update for control applications that require this version.

This is a maintenance release, including bugfixes. It is recommended for new installations, and as an update for customers with control applications that require this version of the Media Sequencer.

Improvements and bug fixes for this release:

  • Introduced default template for clearing a given channel
  • Added license check for Viz Story product
  • Added support in REST API for VDF payloads containing asset XML for images
  • Fixed communication issue in Intelligent interface plugin
  • Fixed memory leak in MOS parser
  • Fixed REST API to disallow POSTing or PUTing payloads without proper namespace declarations
  • Fixed an 'Expect: 100-continue' issue seen in REST API when using an HTTP/1.0 proxy
  • Fixed an issue where MSE could not resolve a referred background scene
  • Fixed an issue seen for availability status of elements when changing HTTP image URLs
  • Improved the profile command resource document and added more examples on how to initialize and activate a show/playlist
  • Now uses a 4-layer template for the stillstore element instead of 2-layer template
  • Fixed auto-description that contained the full asset XML

Installation Files and Documentation

  • Download installation files and Release Notes from the Vizrt FTP in the /products/VizMediaSequencer/Latest Version folder.
  • For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.