Adobe Assistant 2.2

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Adobe Assistant 2.2. This is a minor release of Adobe Assistant

Main Features

This release adds support for

  • automatic staging of content

  • automatic search filtering, based on Viz One search profiles

  • improved drag & drop asset importing and export management.

Further Reading

Users: See the NLE section of the Studio User's Guide (Navigate to SYSTEM > Documentation).
Administrators: Refer to the Viz One Administrator's Guide
Release notes are available at Vizrt's Customer FTP (/vizone/Release Notes/AdobeAssistant).

Required Versions

Adobe Assistant is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 10.4+.

About Adobe Assistant

Adobe Assistant connects Viz One's media asset management tools with Adobe’s editing software, Premier Pro. It enables a simpler way of accessing and managing media, displaying as a native HTML panel inside Adobe Premiere Pro.