Media Service 2.1

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Media Service 2.1. This is a minor release of Media Service. The feature list below contains more information about the new features.

Main Features

  • Introduced a new setting for controlling the URIs in API responses when running behind a proxy server. Please see the documentation for ExternalBaseUrl for more details.
  • Asset entries will now contain a Vizrt Error Description Document if an error occurs during ingest.
  • Thumbnails for videos are now taken from a short time after the beginning to avoid black thumbnails for videos that fade in from black.
  • Media Service can now start in a reduced capacity where it would previously crash if certain errors occurred during startup. This informs users with more detailed error messages via the clients.

Installation Files and Documentation

About Media Service

Media Service offers basic preview access to media stored on a single Viz Engine.