Viz Arena 4.7.2

Viz Arena 4.7.2 is maintenance release with improved enhanced calibration quality and several bug fixes.

This update is recommended to all customers who are using Viz Arena 4.7.1 or earlier and for new installations.

For full release details and installation notes, see the VizArena_4.7.2_ReleaseNotes.pdf For details on all features see the Viz Arena User and Administrator Guides.


Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Improved calibration detection and tracking for slightly tilted cameras

  • Improved calibration accuracy: calibration will now match hand-clicked reference points better

  • The progress bar newly visualizes the progress of merging the pans during the final database update

  • Feature map was sometimes not correctly loaded in Viz Arena Prepare

  • After re-opening Viz Arena Prepare, optimized calibration blocks contained holes

  • After re-opening SDI projects in Viz Arena Prepare, the optimization did not include all previous pans

For a full list of changes see VizArena_4.7.2_ReleaseNotes.pdf

Installation Notes

Depending on which version of Viz Arena you already have, some components will already be installed. For full details on the required files, installation procedure, driver requirements, and project compatibility, see the VizArena_4.7.2_ReleaseNotes.pdf

To access the installation files, please contact your Vizrt Sports sales representative.  You will be provided with credentials to access the download area.