Viz Pilot Edge 1.0.1

Viz Pilot Edge 1.0.1 and Template Builder 1.0.1 is released. This is a maintenance release with minor bugfixes and a new feature in Template Builder. It is recommended for new installations and as an update for existing installations.

Fixed Issues in Viz Pilot Edge

  • The map browsing window will now refresh properly
  • Improved error handling in fetching preview snapshots
  • Stable browsing for Graphic Hub assets from the auto-generated fill in form
  • The keyboard shortcut list now includes the delete shortcut

Fixed Issues in Template Builder

  • Custom HTML Templates will now take into account when a service provider for a given asset type is not available.
  • Preview snapshots are now generated for fields containing an invalid list
  • The client no longer crashes when the datepicker contains an invalid date.

New Feature in Template Builder

  • Added support to dynamically control the visibility and read-only of fields in the auto-generated fill in form for custom HTML Templates

Installation and Documentation

Viz Pilot Edge and Template Builder both follows the Pilot Data Server installation and opens as web applications in a browser.

For more information read the Viz Pilot Edge 1.0 User's Guide and Template Builder 1.0 User’s Guide.