Media Sequencer 4.1.1 and 4.0.1

Media Sequencer 4.1.1 and 4.0.1, is released.

Vizrt today released two new updates to the Media Sequencer. These maintenance releases contain mainly bug-fixes and performance enhancements. Note that Media Sequencer 4.1 is only available as 64-bit software.


4.0.1 is a maintenance release for customers running Media Sequencer 4.0.0. This release is recommended for customers running 4.0.0 who do not want to upgrade to Media Sequencer 4.1.1 at this point in time.

4.1.1 is an upgrade for customers running Media Sequencer 4.1.0. This upgrade is highly compatible and contains mainly bug-fixes. This version is recommended as an upgrade for customers running 4.1.0 and for new customer installations.

Both releases adds one minor feature: support for the Timecode command in Viz Engine that allows quotes or free text. This feature requires Viz Engine or newer. The Media Sequencer will revert to the old behaviour for older Viz Engine versions.

Both releases also contain bug-fixes for a clip availability issue seen when upgrading to Viz One v. 5.14 and an Oracle AQ table lock situation preventing Pilot data elements in a playlist from being updated.

Installation and documentation

Installers for the releases can be downloaded with ftp from in the directory /products/VizMediaSequencer/LatestVersion using your customer credentials. Always make sure to read the Release Notes that can be found in this directory before installing.

Complete documentation will be installed as part of the application installation and can, after installation, be viewed on the Media Sequencer host using a web browser by opening http://localhost:8580