Media Sequencer 5.0

Media Sequencer 5.0, including Gateway 5.0, is released. It is recommended as an update for control applications that require this version.

This is a major release that includes new features, improvements and bugfixes. It is recommended for new installations, and as an update for customers with control applications that require this version of the Media Sequencer.


  • Channel state information is now available in the REST API. It provides information about content currently on-air on a given channel.
  • Hierarchical collections have been added to the REST API, allowing playlists to be built for Viz Multiplay, among other things.
  • Improved compliance to the Viz Data Format (VDF) specification in the REST API.
  • Applied a lock free approach to the Peptalk implementation to improve responsiveness.

Added support for:

  • Initialization and playout of heavyweight templates.
  • Triggering a recording through the MVCP protocol.
  • Jog, shuttle and goto commands for video playout.
  • Arm copy and fire. This is similar to the existing arm and fire feature, except that it makes a deep copy of all resources required for the fire operation and thus protects against changes in armed content.
  • Ticker end of carousel actions.
  • Daily as run logs.
  • The PBUS protocol.
  • Frame accurate playout of non-transition logic graphics and video. A target timecode needs to be provided through the REST API or the pb_listener protocol.
  • Using the optimized Preview Server API.
  • HTTP access control headers.
  • Doing a HTTP POST of all MOS objects that can be created by Pilot News and Pilot Edge such as data elements, videos, images and timelines.
  • A new prepare profile command in the REST API that can be used to prepare a video for smooth playout.


  • Fixed an Oracle AQ issue causing MSE to not receive updates.
  • New stacktrace module.

Installation Files and Documentation

  • Download installation files and Release Notes from the Vizrt FTP in the /products/VizMediaSequencer/Latest Version folder or the /products/VizGateway/Latest Individual Installers.
  • For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.