Media Sequencer 5.0.1

Hide Related Products sidebox (for Component PU articles)Media Sequencer 5.0.1 is released. It is recommended as an update for control applications that require this version.

This is a maintenance release, including bugfixes. It is recommended for new installations, and as an update for customers with control applications that require this version of the Media Sequencer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with previewing transition logic scenes
  • Fixed a possible crash in viz_video plugin
  • Fixed a crash seen when staring the http_server actor when the configured socket port is unavailable
  • Fixed a problem with license check functionality seen in environments using multiple web-servers
  • Fixed a possible crash seen when deleting an element from a deactivated group
  • Fixed an occurrence of a 'connection failed' error message that was falsely reported by viz_video actor.

Installation Files and Documentation

  • Download installation files and Release Notes from the Vizrt FTP in the /products/VizMediaSequencer/Latest Version folder or the /products/VizGateway/Latest ​Individual Installers

  • For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.