Viz Pilot Edge 1.2

Viz Pilot Edge 1.2 is a minor release of Vizrt's html5-based newsroom web client.

Functionality removed or changed

Extended the area accepting drag-and-dropped graphics in the timeline editor. (VPE-2201)

Fixed Issues

When previewing a new video, the preview panel no longer momentarily shows thumbnail frame for previously previewed video. (VPE-2106)

Fixed issue where preview of tiff images would fail the first time. (VPE-2164)

Fixed issue where clicking just underneath an open Find Media/Graphics tab would not close it. (VPE-2137)

Fixed various issues in regards to not being able to navigate to the last frame of a video in the timeline editor. (VPE-2091, VPE-2095)

Fixed incorrect button states in the timeline editor. (VPE-2093, VPE-2094)

The metadata viewer in media search can now be resized and hidden or shown as one would expect. Also, the size of the metadata viewer will now be remembered between sessions. (VPE-2207)

Fixed the background colour of the left panel in media search. (VPE-2180)

The volume control in the timeline editor now appears also in Firefox. (VPE-912)

Media search can now be filtered by Media Status (failed, importing, online, etc.) (VPE-869)

Installation Files

Download installation files from the Vizrt FTP.

About Viz Pilot Edge

Viz Pilot Edge is an HTML5 based web client that fully supports native HTML newsroom components without the need of a local installation. An optional plugin allows Viz Pilot Edge to run on legacy NRCS systems that do not support native HTML5. Additionally, Viz Pilot Edge can be used in a browser without the need of an NRCS, allowing content to be prepared without a MOS-based workflow. This capability allows users to prepare elements or timelines to be used later.