Coder 2.5.1

This is a maintenance release with minor bugfixes. It is recommended for new installations and as an update for existing installations.

Minor enhancements and changes:

Build for Viz One

Coder 2.5.1 is now packaged so it can be installed on a Viz One system.

Bug fixes:

  • Coder now supports reading from growing files over non-seekable ftp
  • Remuxing of DVCPROHD files in mxf container now works
  • Transcoding DVCPro25 and DV NTSC videos in streaming MXF mode now works
  • Transcoding of files with spaces in file name fails

Release Notes

Read the full Coder 2.5.1 Release Notes for more information.

About Coder

Coder is our next generation transcoder that replaces older transcoders in our systems and products. It is an integral part of Viz One as well as a standalone component that can be used with other Vizrt products such as Viz Engine.