Search; simple but powerful

Version 11.0 of Viz World Map Editor comes with a search that has been simplified but also improved. With the latest keywords your search will be faster and more accurate.

Viz World Map Editor's new and improved search allows you to search for map locations in a smoother and more intuitive way using keywords in addition to your standard search criteria.

If you are searching for the capital of France you simply type "france capital", or if you want a listing of all towns with a population of 1 million or more in Brazil you type "brazil towns1m".

If you want to search for locations based on geographical coordinates you can now search by latitude and longitude, degrees and minutes or by using the decimal system (adding N, S, E and W). In addition all options are able to narrow down the radius of the search by adding numeric values for kilometer (e.g. 4) or miles (e.g. 4m).

See the video below for a demonstration of the aforementioned options and more.

Video created by Mikey Anbary and Chris Black

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