Logger 6.0.1 Tutorial

Enriching Viz One Media Assets with Logger 6

Logger is a cataloging tool, for Viz One assets. Using Viz One's powerful search features, you first locate the clip you want, and then start-up a Logger. Your clip is automatically loaded in Logger, and multiple users can work simultaneously with the same media.

You can then enrich the asset by adding time-based annotations like

  • markers

  • scene descriptions

  • compliance notes

that re-purpose your media and distinguish shots. In the Viz One client, Studio, Logger entries are immediately visible on the asset’s Log tab. When working with forms containing metadata fields, Logger employs the Vizrt Data Format (VDF), a standard adopted across all Vizrt applications. This enables powerful metadata handling tools like directories and dictionaries to be integrated into your metadata forms. Logger 6 is backward compatible with Viz One 5.5 and 5.4.

In this tutorial, the cataloger annotates a Viz One video asset, reviews the clip back in Studio, and then sends a selected scene to the Vizrt editing suite Easycut.

Video created by Martin Söderberg - Vizrt Sweden