Bernard Ionescu - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer and Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator

Congratulations to Bernard Ionescu in Montreal, Canada in becoming both a Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer and a Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator!

Bernard is a freelance broadcast designer dedicated to real time graphics, working around the world providing concept design and integration to many customers using Vizrt globally.

His artistic background reflects in his work, he holds a BA in sculpture, history of art and aesthetics.

He started as an Art Director in advertising but his passion for motion and 3D gave him a new path in television where he started to learn Vizrt.

He has been with Vizrt since the beginning and has a lot of experience with almost all Vizrt modules. Virtual sets, elections, weather, interactive screens, sports projects are just few of Bernard's strong points.

“I started to use Viz Trio since the first version has been released and it's still my favorite control client. Now I’m working to develop a powerful tool to control Vizrt in an interactive way.

Here you have an example of how easy it is to display your graphics, get social media inputs and push them on screen with only a touch. (DKECLOUD)

Bernard skills as trainer have been proven to be very effective. He's sharing his project experiences with teams interested in best workflow, unveiling Vizrt’s design and integration secrets across Europe, Middle East, America and Asia.

Some of Bernard`s works can be found here: