Phill Kelly - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer


Congratulations to Phill Kelly in South Wales in becoming a Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer.

Phill Kelly studied 3D Animation in Bournemouth and Swansea Universities and currently lives and works in South Wales for AGFX (Autograffeg Ltd) as a Graphics developer and operator. He has been working at AGFX for a little over three years, working predominantly on graphics for Football and Rugby on BBC Wales and S4C, although recently; Phill has been covering Boxing on Channel 5.  He has also had the chance to work on several Election programs for the BBC including the UK 2010 General Election and the 2012 US Presidential election on Interactive touch screen systems and virtual sets.

“I have been using Viz Artist and Viz Trio since the beginning of 2010,  and I continue to use Viz because of its power and flexibility to provide graphical solutions in any situation”

  - Phill Kelly

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