Stefanie Dyah - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Stefanie Dyah in Jakarta, Indonesia. Vizrt's next Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer!

Stefanie Dyah Kristanti Retnaning Putri, born in Jakarta, Indonesia 25 years ago and is living there today. Stefanie has been using Viz Artist for two and a half years.

Starting her career in the broadcast industry as a News Graphic intern in Metro TV, Stephanie graduated from the Bachelor of Arts program in Animation from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara in February 2012. Five months later, she re-entered Metro TV as a Motion Graphic Designer.

In her third month of working at Metro TV, Stephanie was transferred to the Graphic Programmer Division as a trainee where she was introduced to Viz Artist 3.5 and worked with programmers for the first time. She spent hours at the office training in Viz Artist. She designed many unpublished projects, took notes, made mistakes, panicked, got sick, and jokingly explains that she nearly cried almost daily. Until one day, her designs were published to go live on air. Two months later, after her training ended, Stephanie had two responsibilities, one as a Viz Artist Designer and the other as Motion Graphic Designer.

"As time has gone by, I find myself in love with what I am doing and I keep developing and growing as a Viz Artist designer."

    - Stefanie Dyah

Please find examples of her work here: