David Leigh Bernstein - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer and Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator

Congratulations to David Bernstein in Sydney, Australia in becoming both a Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer and a Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator!

David Bernstein has a Bachelor of Multimedia and a Bachelor of Communication from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. And in 2012 he completed the Vizrt Artist Advanced Training, along with completing the Viz Guru Australia in 2015.

David currently works at Network Ten (Sydney, Australia) as the Lead Animator for the news department. He supervises the news graphics team daily in developing informative graphics, providing creative direction on projects and ensuring all deadlines and briefs are met with polished and accurate products that are consistent with the brand.

He was responsible for designing and building the latest Viz graphics package for Ten Eyewitness News, utilising Transition Logic and ensuring its functionality with their newsroom’s automation workflow (using ENPS and Viz Mosart). News can break at any time, and their team must be able to turn around high-quality 3D visualisations to complement a story, so it gives him great confidence knowing that they can depend on Viz Artist, with an amazing real-time graphics engine there is no need to worry about rendering. David also enjoys offering regular training sessions to the graphics team, helping build their knowledge of Vizrt tools and expanding their capabilities.

Bernstein has been at Network Ten for seven years (since 2009). Over that time he has worked on many Viz projects for them, including motor sports (F1, MotoGP, V8, RPM), World Football News, CLT20, Ready Steady Cook, election and budget specials, numerous news, and breakfast and current affairs programs.

Beginning his career in digital signage, David created advertisements, news and weather graphics to be displayed in shopping centres around Australia. He then had the pleasure of working on some TVCs and cooking shows, and that’s when he realized his passion for television. He has always enjoyed playing with 3D programs such as Maya / 3DS Max / Cinema 4D, and then he came across Viz Artist while working at Champion Data in Melbourne. A large part of his role was to service the Fox Sports AFL programs with statistic-based and tactic-exploring graphics. He quickly grew to love Viz Artist’s interface, and how flexible and powerful the program can be. He wanted to learn more and see what else it is capable of doing. David quickly started creating 3D team logos and working on cricket packages. He soon moved to Network Ten in Sydney where he was introduced to Transition Logic, Viz Pilot, creating ENPS-friendly interfaces with Template Wizard utilising script, Viz Ticker, Social TV solution, etc.

"I have been using Vizrt’s products for eight years (since 2008). I find using their software exciting and rewarding as I continue to experiment with their tools and still learn something new each day. Eight years ago, all I could do was design a basic animation and put it to air, but now I am able to do so much more. I can create complex Transition Logic graphics packages, realistic 3D re-enactments, maps, informative tickers, interactive touch-screen interfaces and virtual sets.

With the desire to further expand my capabilities, I attended the Viz Guru course and took the Viz Artist Designer Certification exam. It is a great honour to finally be certified and I would like to thank my wonderful wife and kids for their support during the intensive month-long test."

- David Bernstein

Check out David Bernstein's Motion Graphics Demo Reel.