Lars Henriksen - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Lars Henriksen on becoming Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer.

Lars Henriksen lives in Copenhagen, Denmark and has been using Viz Artist for about 12 years.

He has a degree as an Automatic Mechanic but was more interested in the Graphical Multimedia and Digital Media education at Aalborg Technical College. After two years in school he was then hired by a small company to do 3D visualization of furniture designs. Building furniture and making photo-real renders for three years in Denmark, the company then moved to Valencia in Spain and so did Lars.

When he came back from Spain, broadcasting and live rendered 3D graphics seemed to be the next logical step up. He was hired by Vizrt in 2004 and moved to London where he learned about the wide range of Vizrt products in order to sell, support and train customers from Sky, BBC, RTÉ, ITN, QVC, Mammoth, to mention a few. 

In 2011 he moved back to Denmark and started working in the Technological Development Department at Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). Working for the state broadcaster,  Lars has been working on quite a few elections but has also done game shows and event specific graphics packages. His main role is optimizing workflows and making intuitive templates for the journalists for Viz Pilot. Also discovering new ways to make life easier for the journalists as well as making sure the News Designers get some new tools to ease their workflow. VTW templates for Viz Trio was developed for easier live operation on the streaming channel. The live streaming channels are today run from a custom developed Viz Pilot template for simplified operation. Lars’ daily work involves Viz Artist, Viz World, Viz Trio, Viz Pilot, Template Wizard and Viz Virtual Studio.

Links to Lars Henriksen's videos and CV here: