Mazhar Sadiq - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer and Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator

Congratulations to Mazhar Sadiq in becoming both a Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer and a Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator!

Mazhar Sadiq was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. He is currently working at GEO Television Network as a Viz Artist Designer and Team Lead for Viz Design/Animation projects. His key responsibilities are to conceive, pitch, create and derive television show packaging concepts, from ideation to successful completion.

Sadiq started his professional career right after graduation. He worked for two years at  “Bohra Developers” as a designer where his job was to design websites, interactive flash banners and CD presentations. The same year he enrolled for a Graphic designing certificate and later in 2007, was hired at GEO TV Network as a Viz operator where he was given the opportunity to be introduced to Vizrt.

During work Mazhar Sadiq simultaneously spent extra time learning the basics of designing and animation on Viz Artist. The sense of flash animation and action scripting which having learnt at Bohra Developers helped him learn Viz Artist at a faster pace. Training himself at developing templates and designing scenes during the first two years at GEO TV and was later promoted for the position of Viz Artist Designer.

"I have been using Vizrt modules for the past 9 years. Being a self taught Viz Artist and despite of lacking access to formal training nor attending any Viz Guru sessions. I am willing and eager to keep learning and experimenting with Vizrt's exciting and rewarding software. Will continue to expand my knowledge and skill through regular practice and learn something new with each new project.

It is a great honor for me to become a Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer. This is the best way of justifying oneself. Sincerely thanking Vizrt, my parents, all of my well-wishers and those who have always helped me work with Vizrt. I will always advance towards self-improvement, experiment seeking new possibilities and express myself through any visual means."

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