Alomgir Hossen - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Alomgir Hossen on becoming Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer.

S.M. Alomgir Hossen currently Lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is working at Jamuna Television as a Senior Designer. His responsibilities include all live on-air graphics, producing Vizrt work for the full range of core and non-core news programs to meet editorial requirements, and responsible for creating templates, lower thirds, full frame graphics and working on Curious Map projects as needed.

His key achievements are the following:

  • Transition Logic scene which can handle unlimited call up scene
  • Dynamic use of Control object
  • Transition logic Ticker
  • Complex template making using of script editor

Hossen holds Bachelor of Social Science and has had an extensive amount of Vizrt training which brought him to where he is today. He received Viz Virtual Studio and advance Viz Artist training from Vizrt Bangladesh, along with three days training by the RCS (Reality Check Systems) on beIN News package design and Advance Transition Logic, Advance Vizrt Real time 3D Graphics and Animation, Viz Template Wizard for advanced template design by Benchmark Microsystems Private Ltd. in India, and 1 year professional Diploma Course in 3D animation and modeling ICCT, Institute of computer and communication technology, to mention a few.

"It's been 6 years I have been working on Vizrt platform. During this time I have attained a huge experience especially on news and sports projects.

From the beginning I enjoyed working with 3D software like 3D max/Maya. So I was ready to dive into the world of 3D graphics and I began my career as 3D Structural Designer and started working for Color Sign Graphics, where I was responsible for 3D structural mock-up design.

During this time I prepared myself to get established in the television industry as a designer for a TV channel operation, and an employee at

the "middle level" of TV production. Later I needed to be a more competent designer who was able to produce high-quality graphics for a national television. I then found the absolute best opportunity to work in the field of Vizrt platform. Thereafter I started working and producing high quality graphics in the National market.

I have a passion for a Vizrt software which resulted me to work in broadcast television and emerging technologies. Thank you Vizrt."

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