Dedy Yudha Christian - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Dedy Yudha Christian on becoming Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer.

Dedy Yudha Christian lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. He completed a Polytechnic Diploma in Multimedia and Network Engineering, Politeknik Negeri Jakarta in 2013.

In 2014, he got the opportunity to work for Metro Tv, using Vizrt as a Graphics Programmer. Dedy worked as a Graphic Programmer for two years and was responsible for support and maintenance of broadcast graphics system with Vizrt, managing Vizrt real-time data graphics for news ticker, presidential and/or parliamentary election, polling, exit poll, etc. He created data visualization and general Vizrt graphics using Datapool, Transition Logic, scripting and/or programming to process raw data into the display, results oriented to realising designer visions of data display into functioning real-time graphic.

“I spent many hours learning and working with Vizrt software. Using Viz Artist, I can realize my interest and capabilities in programming and design.”

Please find examples of Dedy Yudha Christian's work here.