Dmitry Dudin - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Dmitry Dudin on becoming a Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer!

Dmitry Dudin holds an art degree from Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities. He has worked at Russian TV channels Russia 1, Russia 24 and Moscow 24. Today, he works with robotic virtual studios on TV Center. He has used Vizrt tools since April 2007.

Mr. Dudin worked as a game-designer for three years, using programming skills to boost production of 3D graphics for MMORPG games. He then worked with interactive presentation of architecture in "Quest 3D". After that he was invited on TV because he had key Vizrt expertise as designer and programmer.

"When I first started learning VizArtist, I immediately liked the sharpness of the graphics obtained on the Vizrt engines. Then, having tried to work with analogues, I realized that Vizrt has no competitors in terms of reliability, speed of graphics development and quality of animation," he explains.

"When it became possible to write scripts in scenes with version 3.2 I began to develop my own plug-ins, which accelerated my work up to 10 times. I've developed new system of lower thirds interactions for news and channel branding (analog to Transition Logic). This system was highly evaluated and became very popular among Vizrt artists on Russian TV channels," he continues.

"Working on the design of TV channels gives me the possibility to constantly try something interesting, explore new opportunities and meet new crews. The main thing for me in the Viz Artist role is that it allows me to realize myself as graphic designer, programmer and UX designer at the same time."

View Dudin's lowerthirds and full screen graphics and virtual studios work on YouTube.