Kawa Taqiyaddin - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Kawa Taqiyaddin on becoming Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer.

Kawa Taqiyaddin lives in Arizona, USA and has been working at ATCi & AMC Networks for almost a year as the Director of master control room operations. He holds a Bachelor degree in Language Sciences from the University of Slemani.

After his graduation in 2004, Kawa started working with a telecommunication company as a networking administrator. "At that time I had a huge crush on 3ds Max and I just started learning the software." - Kawa Taqiyaddin

In 2007, Kawa joined Kurdsat Broadcasting Corporation as a broadcast designer and after working with live TV (mostly News), he noticed that it was very difficult to do all the post-production work and rendering. In 2008, Kurdsat installed Vizrt into their workflow, where Kawa implemented the Viz systems after his initial training in Austria (Schwaz) 2009. And in 2013, they installed two more services from Vizrt, Viz One and Viz World, plus some other Viz Engines and Viz Trio clients, where Kawa Taqiyaddin has made most of Kurdsat’s Viz templates, including News for at least 4 years.

"The most precious thing about Vizrt is Transition Logic, I LOVE IT. This technique has really helped me to design and implement many templates which are really impossible with other systems."

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