Tim Bemindt - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Tim Bemindt in Belgium on becoming the next Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer!

Tim Bemindt lives in Antwerp, Belgium where he has been running his own company, Cq Creations, since 2006. As a freelancer he works for different companies in Belgium/Flanders, such as VRT, Medialaan and Videohouse, doing everything from complex graphics and templates, automated scenes, general 'maintenance', and everything in between.

He holds a Master's degree in Audiovisual Arts and has been working with Vizrt projects since 2011.

“Vizrt is the most used broadcast graphics system in Flanders. It starts simple, but has a lot of possibilities because of components like scripting. Every new project has new challenges and I'm always learning new things. New software like Viz Weather, but also new or improved ways to do something in Viz Artist. I work with a lot of talented people, both on the artistic and on the programming side. For every project, in the end, my challenge is to make the day to day work for the end user as simple as possible.”

Bemindt's latest projects:

VRT Journaal (2016)

VRT Weather (2017)

Articles about the projects:

VRT Journaal

VRT Weather