Anton Ostrovsky - Certified Pro Viz One API Developer

Congratulations to Anton Ostrovsky on becoming a Certified Pro Viz One API Developer!

Broadcast engineer Anton Ostrovsky says completing Vizrt training will ultimately benefit his customers.

"The Viz One API developer training has drastically improved my understanding of the provided software development kit," explains Ostrovsky, who has a background in software development. "Now my customers will benefit from better third-party integrations and various automated processes that will make their daily work less monotonous."

Ostrovoksy, who is based out of Surrey, UK, was one of 11 people who passed the Viz One API developer training course held in London in October 2017. He says interacting with Viz One senior product specialist Joakim Lagerqvist, who lead the training session, made a big difference in the learning outcome.

"The best way to learn how to use a tool is to talk to people who have created it. Even if you have used the product previously, there's always something new to be learned from the training course," says Ostrovsky, adding: "Viz One is a complex yet well-written piece of software. As an engineer I really like that I can understand how it works and that makes it easy to manage and maintain."