Ian Morton - Certified Pro Viz One API Developer

Congratulations to Ian Morton on becoming a Certified Pro Viz One API Developer!

Q&A Ian Morton - Senior Developer at Sky Television - Middlesex, UK

Mr. Morton shares his experience with on-site training in Viz One API Development, including main course take-aways and next steps.

Q: How will this training help in your day-to-day work?

A: I am involved in control of complex Viz systems. I need to have an understanding of how to talk to each and the best way to solve a particular problem.


Q: What is your impression of working with Viz One in particular and Vizrt software in general?

A: I enjoyed seeing the Viz One API, as I can now see how I can interface other systems with it.


Q: How would you explain the value of the certification?

A: The certifications show how a person has investigated and learnt Viz skill to a useful level and that they will be productive quickly.


Q: What was your main take-away from the course?

A: The main thing to learn was the overall structure of the data in the system and how it can be added to with meta data.


Q:What is your background that lead you to work with Viz One?

A: I have a long history in television at BBC and Sky TV, where we are building large Viz networks that have to be integrated with many other products, some of which are bespoke applications developed by internal teams.