Viz One Acquisition

Viz One provides a proven file-based workflow to enable production, management and delivery to broadcast, mobile and web from any desktop. Comprehensive APIs provide an extensive toolbox to integrate existing workflows, including third-party products and scalable storage solutions. The system provides a lightweight, primarily web browser-based, interface giving users access to content based on individual rights and permissions. With our streamlined tool set, users can ingest, search, cut, add graphics, group, share, re-purpose and deliver content to both your control room and online platforms -from their regular desktop or laptop computer and without the need to manually manage any of the files.


Course Description

Super-user training to provide participants knowledge about the range of available methods for acquiring media, from live feeds, files to camera data cards. File, drop folder, camera card, tape, field reporter and feed acquisition is covered. The course is held on location with presentations given by a trainer and followed-up with practical exercises.


Participants will become familiar with a range of different tools to acquire new media in Viz One - including Viz Dart, Ingest, Importer, Viz Reporter and the Capture utility.

Prerequisite courses

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