Viz Artist Designer Certification


Objectives of Exam:

A person having passed this exam should be able to creatively design in Viz Artist, execute large portions of a project and have good knowledge the software’s capabilities. The final content will demonstrate a high level of knowledge and organization skills using Transition Logic, scripting and technical design setup.

The completed exam product will confirm that the candidate can take a project from creation of an idea to a set of graphics ready to be controlled by either Viz Trio and/or Viz Pilot and understand how solutions can be executed in a larger team together with designers, IT personnel or programmers.

Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer Exam Criteria:

Assignment: Television Program 

Creatively design a TV program using Transition Logic.

Assignment: News Animation 

Build a 30 second animation that illustrates the topic of a story. The style of the animation can be realistic or illustrative, humorous and/or entertaining.

Assignment: Scripting 

Create one scene where you make use of scripts. Write the scripts from scratch or modify ready-made scripts.

Assignment: Virtual Set 

Design and create a Virtual Set.

Assignment: Troubleshooting 

Troubleshoot broken scene and find potential problems and optimize scene performance.

Important! The exam is to be completed using Viz Artist 3.x.


The price to write the Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer exam is 350USD. However, if you have attended one of our Viz Guru events within the last three months of registering for the exam, the fee is waived. Candidates must wait six months between each exam retake.

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