Viz Trio Setup and Administration

Get an introduction to Vizrt's system architecture and learn the technical aspects of the Viz Trio client, its core functions, installation and setup, maintenance, backup, troubleshooting, and more.


In this course, participants get an introduction to Vizrt’s system architecture, learn about installation and setup of a Viz Trio system, including all related software, hardware, network, video, audio, and integration to other systems. The course also focuses on system maintenance, backup and troubleshooting of a Viz Trio system.

The course gives an introduction to the Viz Trio user interface and the overall system workflow, and teaches how to setup and configure the video integration, in addition to other technical aspects of the Viz Trio system.

On-site, this course is typically held over one day.

For more information, read the  Syllabus - Viz Trio 3.1 - 102 Setup and Administration document.

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