Viz Artist Advanced Datapool Design

Learn more advanced usage of Datapool plug-ins for complex operations; graphic element updates in combination with Viz Ticker, Viz Weather and Viz Update Hub.


Datapool Advanced is a course for designers who want to learn how to build more advanced scenes in Viz Artist using the Datapool plug-ins.

The course focuses on teaching students to build scenes with Datapool arrays and structures. The main plug-ins that will be introduced and explained is DataObject, DataArray, DataTable, and DataStructure, together with the config.dp file(s).

Some of the plug-ins of the previous introductory course to Datapool is revisited in this new setting of working with Datapool structures and objects. The concepts of copy and link of Datapool variables will be introduced and demonstrated in connection to Viz Trio and Viz Ticker, by using the ControlDPObject plug-in. Students learn how to create basic interactive scenes and learn about conversion tables, tracking plug-ins, DataInRange plug-in, in addition to a discussion of typical Datapool cases with weather, finance and election data, and more.