Viz Arena Operation

First-time Viz Arena users get introduced to the user interface and how to insert graphics, learn how to setup the system and how to customize Arena for a specialized workflow, among other topics.


The Viz Arena 101 for Operators course covers the image-based Viz Arena only. It covers the full pipeline from setting up the system in a production environment, preparation steps in the pregame phase to coverage of all tools available for live production.

Viz Arena is a tool capable to adapt to various needs and workflows. An overview of possible workflows is provided. Even though the course demonstrates all capabilities of Viz Arena and how to use them from scratch, the goal is to specialize the user to the specific workflow of choice. Exercises and simulations are adapted to specific needs.

To become a fast and highly skilled operator, practice is fundamental. Although Viz Arena handles many situations automatically, the operator’s automatisms are still very important to handle delicate situations and therefore need to be exercised. The course also covers simulation of the workflows using the footage of choice.

This course is typically held as a 1 or 2 day course. Two days are preferable as this also includes simulation for operating Viz Arena for specific workflows.

For more information, read the Syllabus Viz Arena 101 Operation document.

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