Viz Artist Introduction to Scripting

As an advanced designer, get introduced to scripting to take your design ideas to the next level.


This is an introductory course to scripting in Viz Artist for advanced designers. By the end of this intensive hands-on course designers will know how to write a basic script containing the basic elements of fundamental programming. This is for designers who have no or little programming/ scripting skills.

With this introductory course to scripting in Viz Artist a designer will learn basic programming skills to help advanced designers unlock more creative ways of using Viz Engine.

This course will show you that scripting is not only a new tool, but a new way of thinking as it allows you and teams of designers and programmers to customize Viz Engine to fit a given project’s requirements.

The main objective of this course is to introduce you to Viz Artist’s scripting API and how to use this to manipulate Viz Engine. The second objective is to help you team up with programmers to solve bigger and more complex projects.

For more information, read the  Viz Artist 204 Introduction to Scripting syllabus .