Viz Mosart Setup and Administration

Learn Viz Mosart technical aspects, including the integration on the physical and link layers and network security components. Get an overview of the MOS protocol and its role in the newsroom workflow, plus how to debug and read log and configuration files and recommended systems management workflows, and more.

Viz Mosart is a market-leading solution for control room automation. It controls all major brands of devices that are normally found inside a control room, normally operated by a lot of persons.

The course is partly based on the Viz Mosart 101 course for operators where day 1 is identical for both.

Profound knowledge about workflows in a traditional control room is valuable but not necessary.

The course is typically held over two days, with one day of theoretical information and a second day of combined theoretical information and hands-on training.

For more information, read the full Syllabus - Viz Mosart - 102 Setup and Administration .

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