Social TV Setup and Administration

Learn about the components of Social TV, and how it fits with the workflow of the Media and Broadcast industry.


Vizrt’s Social TV (STV) is a market-leading solution for combining Social Media with the real-time needs of the Broadcast world. It is a complete solution from ingest to presentation of various Social Media content on-air. This course gives an overview of what STV is and in particular how to select and moderate content using the Feed Streamer application.

  • The course does not require any particular IT-skills from the participants apart from general IT/PC and Internet knowledge.
  • Participants should have basic Knowledge of architecture of Vizrt Products (Media Sequencer, Viz Trio, Viz Ticker, Viz Pilot, etc.)
  • The course is typically held as a half day course.
  • In order to take the course the Social TV must be installed and working.


For more information, read the Syllabus - Social TV 1.3 -102 Setup and Administration .

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