Designing templates with the Viz World Design Client


Viz World Design Client is a new tool focused on designing map templates to be used by Viz World. The tool replaces the need to have Viz World Classic, the standalone 2D mapping system, for designing templates. Users of Viz World Classic can continue to design maps and templates.

This tutorial guides the viewer step-by-step to create a Viz World template using the Viz World Design Client.

Main benefits compered to Viz World Classic template design.

  1. Server based, no need to access the actual computer running Viz World Classic. Multiple users, no need to install expensive map data on several machines.
  2. Can be run from any Viz World client.     
  3. Better organized GUI which leads the user step by step along the process of designing the template.   
  4. Only the relevant properties for designing a template for Viz world are there.     
  5. Great control for editing values.
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