Map zoom for transition logic workflow


Previously, when working with the Navigator in Transition Logic (TL) scenes, you faced some limitations such as:

  • The background scene had to be the scene with the Navigator plugin.
  • The page view looked very different than the actual output.
  • Cache was not created.
  • Some limits on hops.

Noting these limitations the experimental Map Zoom plugin was created. Using Map Zoom is similar to creating a single map where pyramids are created that enables a small zoom in (depending on the number of pyramids you set). Map Zoom offers a start and end point, where start point is offset to the end point. It supports 3D labels and regions, and the Nav Fade and Nav Scale plugins. Note that the current version currently works for flat maps only, and can only zoom in.

Note: Experimental plugins are not documented as they are subject to change.

For more information on Viz World 13.0, see the Documentation Center.

Video created by Mikey Anbary, Vizrt

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