Forked Execution using Viz Trio 2.10

Viz Trio 2.10 now supports forked execution with its new profile configuration!

With Viz Trio's implementation of the new profile configuration, Viz Trio now supports forked execution by having more than one graphics render engine per channel. Simply put you can trigger the same scene on multiple render engines where one can act as your backup; however, that is just the simple story.

Take a traditional use case where you have two anchors and multiple cameras showing different shots of the anchors. In addition you have graphics running; for example a ticker with news and finance feeds, a lower third and an over the shoulder highlighting the story. In this case going from one anchor to the other would result in the same graphics being shown for both anchors when you switch from camera A to B.

With forked execution you can prepare and take graphics on air for the second anchor in camera B, while keeping the state of other graphics (e.g. over the shoulder and tickers) for the first anchor in camera A. If you need both anchors to show the same graphics you simply trigger the graphics to animate to the same state on both render engines.

All this of course depends on the use of Vizrt's state of the art Transition Logic technology that enables our graphics system to keep the state of the scene on the render engines that ultimately will allow you to smoothly transition from one story to the other without any artifacts or hard cuts.

Video created by Rudolf Brunner - System Developer - Vizrt Norway

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