Real Time Script Execution and Data Updates

The following video tutorial will show you how to use the new Update Service introduced in Viz Pilot version 5.4.

Viz Pilot's (VCP) new Update Service mechanism allows you to add scripts that will be executed on the server-side. In addition to VCP’s own Update Service it is also possible to define external (third party) update services.

With the new Update Service mechanism the template designer can decide when to update template data, and also which fields to update. This is useful for data that should be updated right before going on air or during playout. Typical examples are stock values, player statistics etc.

Unlike the older client-side Live Update mechanism (still supported), that relies on theViz Pilotclient executing the scripts, the new Update Service is a service that can be deployed on any machine, and is therefore available to all applications that connects to it.

Created by Daniel Sandvik Lundekvam - System Developer - Vizrt Norway

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