On the Fly Compositing of Video and Graphics From Your Newsroom System

On the fly compositing of video and graphics is made easy by the use of Viz Pilot's latest enhancements. With the Timeline Editor any newsroom system operator, with access to video content through their Newsroom Component (a part of the Viz Pilot product suite), can add graphics to a video clip's timeline.

Adding graphics to a video clip is as easy as searching for and opening the clip itself. Once you have opened your clip for editing you simply search for and add graphics to the clip's timeline, adjust the graphics' in and out points, save it and drag-and-drop the composite element to your newsroom story. If you need to edit it, you simply double-click the element in your newsroom story and add, adjust and/or remove already inserted graphics.

The following video demonstrates how graphics and video compositing is done using the Newsroom Component's Timeline Editor with iNEWS; however, any newsroom system supporting the MOS protocol can successfully use this workflow. Note that the Timeline Editor is a new feature that comes with the latest Viz Pilot 5.5 release and requires a Vizrt MAM system. The MAM system can be used for video ingest, storage, edit, search and playout ... and more.

Created by Mads Emil Herteig, Vizrt

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