Create a Channel and Import Templates and Playlists


The following video demonstrates how to create a channel and further how to manually import a graphics template and a playlist in order to associate a template as a rule to certain events in the playlist.

After creating a channel, the first step after importing a playlist is to import the Viz Artist scenes into Viz Multichannel. These scenes become Viz Multichannel templates, which you can then save in editable form, or simply use directly in playlists.

For imported (and subsequently updated) playlists, you can create sets of rules that govern how templates can be automatically inserted into certain events within a playlist. Rules are mostly useful when playlists do not already contain secondary events.

Rules are defined on a per-template basis. Both master and editable templates support rules. In addition, rules can also be applied to Viz Commands. Rules are applied upon importing playlists from external sources or updating playlists of external origin.

Any number of conditions can be applied on top of rules for extra filtering.