Populating Content from External Data Sources


The following video demonstrates how to populate template content based on external data sources such as a Microsoft Access database.

Templates are generally built so that you can change the dates, times, images, text and other content in the permitted fields. The idea is to tune the template in such a way as to get it to automatically retrieve the required information for a specific Event straight from the an external data source.

Fields are editable in two ways:

  • On the editable template
  • On a template’s instance on a particular event in a playlist

Changes to fields in editable templates from Viz Multichannel's Navigation Pane cause values to be seen in all occurrences of a template in a playlist. Changes take effect for subsequent instances of a template’s use.

Changes to fields in a template that is an element of playlist program ensures that they are only seen for the primary event. These changes can override changes made to the same template in the Navigation Pane.