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What is Viz University?

Viz University is a training resource for Vizrt users to acquire and update essential skills for their professional development. Our goal is to assist Vizrt designers, operators, developers and administrators in receiving the best training that fits their needs. Course registration is available for on-site and/or online training.

In addition to our training course offerings, Viz University also has other options for online learning. Watch video tutorials, search our documentation, or visit our forum to share your ideas and see what other designers, operators, and developers are creating. Viz University also offers two unique training packages to give both freelancers and students a head start in the media industry.

Get Certified

Viz University offers the training materials you need to prepare for your certification exam and to become a Vizrt Certified Professional. We currently offer three certifications:

Once you are certified, you are entitled to have your profile published on our Certified Professionals page, along with other qualified Vizrt Certified Pros.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the benefit of becoming a Vizrt Certified Professional?

    Vizrt Certified Professionals gain industry recognition by having their profile hosted on our website, competitive differentiation, greater productivity/results, and a tangible measure of their education investment.

  • Where can I find the individual certification requirements for each certification?

    Certification requirements, exam objectives, recommended training and registration is available for each certification and corresponding exam. For more information on specific certifications in each category, please see the certification exam details within your selected product solution training path.

  • What certifications are currently available?

    To view all available certifications, please visit our Courses and Certifications page.

  • Is the Vizrt Certification Program available worldwide?

    Yes, it is a global certification program for professionals working with Vizrt products worldwide.

  • What is a Vizrt Certified Professional?

    A Vizrt Certified Professional can be a designer, operator, or system administrator who has met the official requirements for performance at a high level in their specific area of expertise with Vizrt products.

  • Who is the audience?

    Customers, freelancers, and partners. Although each product varies in complexity and depth, all certification exams are created specifically to cover core elements measuring technical design knowledge against factors such as operation, installation, configuration, product administration and day-to-day maintenance.

  • What is the Vizrt Certification Program?

    The Vizrt Certification Program provides proper, objective assessments of Vizrt expertise through securely assessed, project-based exams (based on real-world job tasks.) The program validates the skills and technical competencies necessary for Vizrt professionals to efficiently implement and administer their professional capabilities using Vizrt solutions.

  • What are the hardware requirements for running Viz Artist?

    A PC or laptop with the following specs is required:

    • Windows 7 or Windows 10
    • 8G RAM or higher
    • We strongly recommend a NVidia GPU (Nvidia graphics card should support OpenGL 4.3)


Training and Education

  • How do I find out about training courses?

    Vizrt offers two online Training Packages to our students and freelancers. Each package offers the full course work flow needed to become a designer and/or an operator.

    We also offer individual online and onsite courses and training events designed to meet the needs of all Vizrt users, ensuring the long-term success of every designer and operator. Our goal is to help you develop both the technical know-how and the creative vision it takes to meet any production challenge.

    If you are interested in registering to one or more of Vizrt's training courses, events, or packages, please sign up and a Vizrt Training Specialist will follow up accordingly to get you started.

  • How do I find schedules, prices and register for a training package and/or courses?

    Prices for students and freelancers are listed on our Training Packages page. These packages are offered online so you can learn on your own schedule. To register for an online Training Package, Sign up and fill out the form. Once the request is received a Training Center representative will contact you regarding payment. Once full payment is made you will be enrolled into Viz University.

    For individual Courses and Certifications, please fill out and submit the Request Training form. Viz University will receive your request and a representative in your area will contact you with further information regarding scheduling and pricing information.

  • Is training required in order to become a Vizrt Certified Pro?

    Vizrt strongly recommends specific courses to develop individuals to successfully do their job. These courses are not required and are available for those who do not meet the minimum level of competence as tested by the exam. Be cautioned that attending a training course does not guarantee passage of a certification exam.


  • How many exams must a candidate pass to become certified by Vizrt?

    To become a Vizrt Certified Pro, only one exam is required. For more information on specific certifications in each category, please see the certification exam details within your selected product solution training path.

  • When and how do I receive a certificate stating that I am a Certified Specialist?

    When a certification is passed, a Certification Diploma Kit is mailed within 3-4 weeks after the required exam is passed. It is sent to the address provided by the candidate when registering for the exam.

    Please note, receipt of diploma can sometimes take longer during holidays.

  • What will I receive in a Certification Diploma Kit?

    The Certification Diploma Kit for passing exams contains an official certificate, a Vizrt Certification Program legal agreement, and access to Vizrt Certified Pro logo for placement on personal media such as business cards.  If you provide us with the necessary details, we will also add your profile to our Certified Professionals page.

  • How do I keep my certification current?

    Vizrt Certifications have no expiration date. The no-expiration policy means that the value of the Vizrt Certifications will be based on how relevant the certification’s competencies are to the marketplace. This means that Vizrt Certifications, regardless of the associated product versions, will continue to hold their value in the marketplace as long as there is a demand from the industry. When certification verification is required, Vizrt will identify product version, thus distinguishing between those who have upgraded certifications and those who haven’t. Vizrt highly recommends recertification to remain current with Vizrt technology and trends.

  • When will certification exams retire?

    Many of the Vizrt Certification exams will be replaced by a newer product version of the exam as technology and trends continue to evolve.

  • Who do I contact if I need to make changes to my Certification profile?

    Candidates are responsible for updating their personal information to ensure receipt of official correspondence. To update your profile on the Certified Professionals page, e-mail us at

  • Who is responsible for keeping certified candidates valid?

    Candidates are responsible for keeping their certification valid. Vizrt will make reasonable efforts to personally update candidates via e-mail about new exams and exams that are being retired.